Sunday, August 28, 2016


Tomorrow is the big day! I just posted that I have always worked best under pressure. It seems that’s when my creative juices really start flowing.  There are many wonderful things to be celebrated, noted & shared with others; hence my writing!

I’m so excited about my new position! Feel very fortunate to continue working with Mrs. Silva, our school counselor.  We have plans for Dot Day again this year, making it five years of celebrations.  Join us! There are many wonderful Dot Day plans - including Kid Lit & Discovery Education plans. Need help? Dot Day enthusiasts are super friendly - just reach out!

If you’re not familiar with this fabulous NC educator, Sean Gaillard, check out his page and be sure to follow him on Twitter.  Let me encourage you to tweet and #CelebrateMonday & #TrendThePositive - learn more here.  Listen to or read this wonderful post - School Leadership: Marching to a New Beat - great way to start a new year.

If you’re not familiar with Buncee you’re in for a treat - it’s fun, creative & beautiful! The story on how it was created is equally beautiful - check it out!

Are you nervous about tomorrow? What about your students?  Check out this cool song, Just Say Hi!, on a Buncee of course. The creative genius is @BradyRymer on Twitter.

What are your thoughts about the first day of school? Don’t forget to add to the hashtags #Celebrate Monday & #TrendThePositive! 

We all need a cheerleader in our lives.  So thankful to have my Mom cheer for me.  Just know that I’m cheering for you.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Patience While Waiting

I didn't see a single praying mantis in my yard all year. Jim had one find its way into his office this summer, but he let it go outside the building. All along, my family encouraged me to keep looking.
Today when Jesse & I were walking Bella at Robinwood Lake we looped around near the lake's edge. I noticed Jesse pull back a briar and that's when I saw the egg sac.
All summer I have longingly looked at Facebook memory pictures of praying mantises throughout the years, wishing I could spot one around the house. I gathered the egg sac, safely transported it home, placed it gently in a hydrangea bush, where I will anxiously await them to hatch next spring.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

I'm Going To Nerd Camp!

A dream I've had is coming true - as the song says: I'm going to nErDcampMI!

Please follow via Twitter @nErDcampMI and #nErDcampMI for an awesome PD opportunity.

Super pumped about our road trip after I land in Chicago! Looking forward to re-connecting with Mary as we make the trek to Parma, MI.

Pinch me - no don't! I'm having a hard enough time going to sleep as it is!

Edie :)

Monday, June 27, 2016

Library Visit

It’s a special treat to visit the libraries - it brings back memories of when Jesse installed each one.  We found a copy of Zoo Borns in a library with a koala on the front which reminded us of Jesse’s recent trip to Australia.

IMG_20160627_104210_840 (4).jpg  IMG_20160627_105503_667 (2).jpg  IMG_20160627_105736_546 (2).jpg

While visiting the library downtown, Jesse noticed a book title that was the same as Dad’s poem - A Walk In The Woods, that has been read at each son’s Court of Honor.  Coincidence? I think not.

IMG_20160627_105723_855 (2).jpg

What could be better than visiting Little Libraries with Jesse this morning? Enjoying a delicious lunch at Spindle City afterwards.

Thanks again to the great friends and family members for the books they brought to Jesse’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor.  We placed some of them in libraries today, in addition to books Mom and I bought last week.

Why not experience the joy of sharing book love with others  - gather books and visit a Little Library today!


Friday, June 17, 2016

P20 Year 2 Summer Session

P20 Year 2 Summer Session was hands-down amazing. The collective power of my P20 peeps kept me inspired, encouraged, enthused, rejuvenated, motivated, and willing to stretch myself, contribute, and grow. There’s nothing like it!

IMG_0136 2.JPG

The experience was transformative. There are so many wonderful things to highlight - delicious food, creative ways to embed new tools for us, a plethora of ideas, and a smorgasbord of tech tools to outfit the coolest super heroes imaginable.

Hyperdocs (there’s a book about them) is one tool I can leverage immediately for myself and to support others.
breakout edu 2.jpg-large IMG_0231.JPG

One way I’m using Hyperdocs is with my Pinnacle Professional Sharing Plan.  It’s a work in progress so you’ll find some blank docs, but I hope you get the idea :)

It will provide me a succinct location for evidence that I can share of Pinnacle Professional Sharing, as well as for my media evaluation.

How about you? Please share with me. I would love to hear from you!

Edie Crook
Media Specialist
Hawks Nest STEAM Academy

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Our Lego Wall

The Lego Wall has been the most exciting addition to our media center makerspace.  It has hands down out-rivaled Sphero, LittleBits, the force and motion wall and could it be  ...  yes, even Osmo has taken a backseat with the wall’s addition.

Once the location of the wall was determined the baseplates were ordered.  The uniqueness of your own space and the age of your students will help you determine the size you choose to build.  Ours is located in an alcove and is 60” x 70”, built from a total of 42 baseplates.  The plywood was cut to fit between the column and doorframe - special thanks to Chris Mills and Mr. Mike for their help.



Build Your Own Wall - What you’ll need:
10” x 10” Lego baseplates #10700
caulk gun
Legos to determine the spacing between the baseplates

Begin by determining the placement of your first baseplate making sure to keep the baseplates square. If you notice that there is a discrepancy simply remove the baseplates and begin again.  I initially installed from the  bottom center and to the right, but quickly realized it wasn’t square.  I simply removed the baseplates and began at the bottom right corner, adding plates above and to the left, completing the two bottom rows first.  Don’t forget to use the Legos to space the baseplates the correct distance apart.  It was so exciting to see the wall go up, to special in fact to complete alone - I recommend inviting a friend to install the wall with you.  Within a couple hours you’ll see the fruits of your labor.

You can order the baseplates from a variety of vendors including Kaplan, Amazon, or direct from Lego, and you’ll find adhesive at your local hardware store.  We installed plywood for a smooth baseplate surface which allows for ease of removal and no damage to the wall (Thanks to Chris Goodson for pointing that out). The hardest part? Waiting a day or two before using.

A very special thanks to Diana Rendina for sharing about her Lego Wall which was invaluable to me.

I would love to hear about your media center.  Thanks PLN for your inspiration and motivation.


I have always called the media center space “ours” and that includes everything in it. The barcodes on the books don’t have my name on them - they belong to all of us, including the users that will attend Woodhill long after we have left.  Being reflective could be considered my greatest strength and also my greatest weakness. The creation of an engaging space that is welcoming, fosters creativity and collaboration is my goal.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thankful Library Centers

Inspiration is a wondrous thing! It can come in the form of a conversation at the copier, a post on social media, and of course my favorite, a serendipitous experience.  It started with a Scholastic writing activity post about fostering thankfulness that I received as an email subscription.  Immediately I knew it was a fabulous #librarycenters idea for a beautiful and inspirational "I’m Thankful For” display. There's an added bonus - infusing writing in centers!

Simply begin by making a turkey body.  I’ve decided to create a playful speech bubble for the hand-written words for an authentic touch.  

What you’ll need for the library center:

construction paper precut to fit feather template
feather template for tracing
pencils, pens or markers for writing
scissors for feather cutting

Use the Thankful Center I Can Statements below and feel free to adapt them as needed.

Thankful Center

I Can …

Draw a feather using the template.
Cut out my feather.
Write what I'm thankful for on the feather.
Leave my feather to be displayed.

Now, add your wonderful student thankful feathers to your turkey for a moving and beautiful display of thankfulness.

While searching for body and feather templates I found A Grade One Nut & Her Squirrelly Crew’s I Heard Mr. Turkey Say … from her Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Everything you need is there …  download and let your students express their thankfulness.  

I also discovered this simple paper plate pop up turkey from Crafty Journal that would be a fun #librarycenters activity and a wonderful new family tradition to a Thanksgiving celebration.

What you’ll need for the library center:

paper plates
turkey body template for tracing
scissors for turkey body cutting
pencils, pens or markers for coloring and maybe writing too

How do you have students express their thankfulness? What centers do you have that foster family traditions?

Feeling thankful for my family, school community and my fabulous PLN. That’s three feathers already!