Friday, November 4, 2016

When You're Not Ordinary

If you are an ordinary, complacent person it's OK, you're happy with the status quo. After all, you don't seek opportunities and challenges to grow and help others. You're content at being lethargic, stagnant. However, box in a dynamic person and it is excruciatingly painful. Stifle their creativity and drive and they suffer. You make it impossible for them to thrive and ultimately, you doom their survival in that environment.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Saving Readers

What blogs do you read every day?
One of my faves is the Nerdy Book Club! Highly recommend you subscribe to the blog.
Highlights of today's post by Christy Peterson are below - read, enjoy and share friends.
A wonderful world ... Lifetime readers not robot-test-takers. Readers that connect with books, are moved to want to hold the book after finishing the last word, who can't wait to share and book talk the story with others, who are moved to connect with the author or illustrator, who can't finish the story because they don't want the story to end....
What would you add?
"This is very unfortunate."
"curious reader into a homework reader"
"nothing authoritative or shaming in the question"
"cultivate: confidence, curiosity, and enthusiasm"

Would love to hear your thoughts.  Edie

Monday, October 24, 2016

ARC - Access. Relevance. Choice.

If you could hear the buzz surrounding Game On! 2017 during our bookfair preview video you would understand why ARC is critical to readers.

Access. Relevance. Choice.

Access - to LOTS of books. Relevance - Subjects, topics, & genres meaningful to the reader.

This part is the simplest, yet we complicate it. Choice - what the reader WANTS to read.

That’s the recipe for magic (don’t keep it a secret).


reading is rewarding.png

read.jpgFile_000 (8).jpeg

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Coding Club

There were so many wonderful ideas for my school club it was difficult to pick just one. What an exciting opportunity for our students to have a variety of clubs to pick from.  In the end for me, coding won out over games, art, or even a book club.

There are 15 students in the coding club and we had our meeting in the media center.

We began our coding club by coding me!

I can still hear the giggles when the coding put me in front of the column!

Two students used arrows and other symbols to guide me to them while navigating me around and through obstacles - columns and chairs work perfectly.

During our 1st club meeting, we had a rotation to become familiar with the many things we have at our school, including, Dash, Ozobot, Scratch, and Daisy the Dinosaur.

I didn’t even break out my Osmo Coding with Monster Mo yet from Donor’s Choose!

view view

I would love to hear from you - being connected is one of the best things about being an educator and lifelong learner. We’re better together!


Friday, October 7, 2016

Who is Shy?

Mrs. Grant’s 1st grade joined Mrs. Crook in the HNSA media center to celebrate the book birthday of Shy on September 27th.  Mrs. Crook shared Blue Chicken and The Story of Fish and Snail before our Skype read aloud to familiarize students with Mrs. Freedman’s writing and illustrations.  Students investigated the website to guess which character they thought would be Shy.  Finally, the big day arrived and Deborah Freedman read Shy to students via Skype. There was cheering and clapping when it was revealed which character was Shy.   Students shared birthday cards they had created for Shy with Mrs. Freedman and she talked about her studio, her writing and drawing with the students.  

Would you like to take a guess?  Who is Shy?

Happy Book Birthday, Shy and Deborah Freedman!


Friday, September 9, 2016

323 Years Ago

How many blogs, Tweets, emails, or books do you read each morning? If you’re like me, you find that all the information serendipitously fits together to add more to the picture. Sometimes it happens in a day!  Case in point, Vicki Davis sharing a post from Richard Byrne about digitized books.

That’s one more to add to the list, Teresa!

I’m intrigued thinking about how children’s books have changed over the years and I searched and discovered that post. Who knew that in the article another nugget would fall magically into place.

“ of his big ideas was to make reading fun”. That was the brainchild of John Locke  - 323 years ago. Yes, 323 years ago! Locke wanted to change education and he wrote that in1693!  Do Locke’s thoughts “readers should start with "easy, pleasant" books, even books with pictures” square with my thinking? Considering the few books that were available at that time, yes.  But I wouldn’t agree with those words today.  Think ARC: Access. Relevance. Choice.

Imagine a passionate, excited 2nd grader bringing his coffee table military encyclopedia, weighing close to 5 pounds, as his reading choice from home. A book selected by him and purchased at the bookstore.  Was he a motivated reader? You betcha!  That was my middle son.  He was shamed for his book choice, deemed inappropriate by his teacher.  If only I’d known then what I know now.  Not only could I have helped my son, but others readers too. He’s now a cadet recruit knob at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina.  He KNEW who he was, what he was interested in and that was reflected in his reading CHOICE!

Learn more from Donalyn Miller. I’m so glad we have her voice about reading.

ABC of Animals.jpg

So many wonderful connections are being made each day. Be sure to pause, just like the boy did in The North Star by Peter H. Reynolds.  As you’re on your  journey, cherish the connections made.


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Bitmoji & SlidesCarnival

There’s always something new to learn and explore. It’s one of the best things about being in the media center. Another is seeing and hearing the excitement of sharing interests & passions.  Reading blogs about the latest publications is especially enjoyable - the creativity and diversity in children’s books are incredible.   The PD opportunities available to us makes it easier to learn practically anything, anytime and anywhere - from webinars to online chats and bookclubs - PD in PJs anyone?

Before school started I noticed a peer using a character emoji in her email signature and she also sent me an encouraging emoji.  One search and I’d added the Chrome extension Bitmoji.

howsyourday.png               genius.png

I loved Angela Gadtke‘s Seesaw presentation last night and the presentation template caught my eye! You’ll want to investigate SlidesCarnival for creative options.

Now that the school year is underway, make sure to allow time for learning something new that piqued your interest.  Best of all: share it - with those in your building, your PLN around the world, or both.

Sharing one more emoji that reminds me of a line in Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove - “Many thanks”.